About EFT Corp

EFT Corporation Limited is a special purpose enterprise committed to providing state of the art Electronic Funds Technology solutions using its exceptional base of experience and skill, to the African Financial and Retail Markets.  EFT Corp has delivered solutions across Africa for projects in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ghana, Mozambique, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia, Swaziland and Tanzania.   The EFT division's strength comes not only from its world-class product set, but also the services, consultancy and skills it is able to deliver to its customer.   EFT Corp distributes two major product sets:- Postilion and Hypercom. Stratus and Futurex which are both related to Postilion solutions are also part of the EFT Corp product suite. EFT has a team of people with a high level of skill and training within the EFT sector. EFT Corp is committed to the continued development of the business through the introduction of other products and services as well as continuing to offer its customer a first-class service.

Products and Services

EFT Corp business is based on selling products and services related to delivering EFT and payment solutions. Products are divided up into two categories, namely; third-party products and in-house developed products

EFT Corp focuses on four third-party products, namely; Postilion (EFT software / solutions), Hypercom (POS devices), Futurex (HSM – Hardware Security Modules) and Stratus (FtServer – hardware). Pending the clients actual requirements, EFT Corp on occasions will also sell other third party products as long as it is part of their core business and is related to delivering the required EFT solution.

Third Party Products



The Hardware Security Module, Futurex's mission is to be the leading provider of cryptographic solutions in the world. They strive to enhance transaction speeds, embrace new technologies and establish innovative standards within their industry.  EFT Corp focuses on reselling their HSM (Hardware Security Module) as part of a Postilion solution. For more details on Futurex and its related products, see www.futurex.com.

Ft Server, Stratus storage products are uniquely designed, tested and optimized to provide mission critical applications with the highest levels of performance, continuous uptime, best-in-class serviceability, and ease of management to ensure vital data on ftServer Series systems.  EFT Corp focuses on reselling ftServers as part of a Postilion Solution. It is interesting to note for example that the Postilion Africa Division has implemented more than 95% of their installations in South Africa with the combination of Postilion and ftServers, for switching solutions.  For more details on Stratus and its related products, see www.stratus.com.

EFT Products

In addition to the above distributorships EFTCorp has developed an entire suite of Products to satisfy the demands of our EFT clients. The product suite consists of Stand-alone systems and EFT complementary products, enabling us to deliver a turnkey solution that meets the needs of our clients. Our flagship software products include the following:

Finbridge; Fincard; FinPrepay; FinSMS; Telebanking and Interbanking.

Customised Solutions

In addition to the packaged solutions, EFTCorp offer customized EFT solutions to meet specific needs not addressed by the available packaged solutions. EFTCorp holds development skills in Java, Visual Basic, C, RDMS and Internet Technologies in-house. This enables EFT Corp to deploy turn-key solutions, which address every aspect of the customers’ EFT requirements within the same project scope. Examples of custom developments include Customized Reporting, Data Extraction and Interfacing with Third-party Products.

Consultancy and Support Services

EFT Corp major strength lies in the comprehensive range and high level of quality of service that they offer. Together with their range of product offering, their Clients are assured of reliable turnkey solutions delivered by a team of highly skilled Managers, Consultants and Engineers.

Consultancy:-  EFT Corp offers Management, Design and Audit services for our customers’ EFT Implementations. EFT Corp’s consultancy offering includes, pre-project planning, delivery of accurate specifications, successful business plans, meaningful project proposals and technically proficient network designs. Their highly experienced and qualified Consultants guarantee that the customer receives quality services specifically tailored to meet his needs. Since 2005 consultancy became the fastest growing sector in its business scope.

Implementation & Integration:-  Complementary to the Supply of EFT Hardware and Software solutions, EFT offers implementation services in the form of Business Analysis, Installation and Configuration, Customisation, Testing and Certification as well as Conversion Activities. This ensures that only operational Systems are delivered to the customer and are signed off to Customer Specifications. EFT thinks of itself as Partners to their Customers, rather than Vendors.

Support:-  A key requirement of any operational EFT solution is the delivery of an efficient support infrastructure. Because EFT Corp engineers are trained in the deployment, integration and maintenance of our EFT system offerings, the Customer has access to world class support services, product maintenance and upgrades as well as advice on how to utilise EFT solutions to maximise benefit.



Stephen Enderby - CEO - has more than 15 years experience in the IT industry specifically in the financial arena. Mr Enderby’s IT career with Nouvobanq involved exposure to all areas of banking automation. Subsequent to this, he gained valuable experience in Electronic Funds Technology as a software specialist with GR Fairall Ltd, working on such projects as the initial Central African Building Society (CABS) ATM implementation. In 1991 Mr Enderby left to take the position of IT manager for Nouvobanq Botswana, responsible for the bank’s infrastructure gaining in depth business experience. After the Nouvobanq merger with First National Bank, Mr. Enderby joined Botswana General Insurance Limited as Project Manager responsible for the implementation of the company’s Under-Writing package. Returning to Zimbabwe in 1996, he took up the position of Project Manager with Transaction Processing Systems, later becoming the Business Development Manager responsible for sales, implementation and project management of EFT and eCommerce solutions within the SADC region. Stephen joined the group in 1999 and is responsible for the establishment, development and growth of EFT. He has been the entrepreneurial driving force behind the division’s development and the technical implementations. Stephen has the rare ability to create the vision of the group as well as providing the customers with world class technical excellence.

Derek Vincent - General Manager - with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University Of Natal, Derek began his IT career as a junior software engineer with ICL Zimbabwe. He moved across to the Sales and Marketing division and held various positions including Account Manager Financial Services sector before becoming ICL Sales Manager in 1999 responsible for both the sales team and the marketing for the company. During this time he has been involved in a number of bank card and EFT projects, based on the IFS TPII software and Fujitsu group card processing hardware, as well as the first Zimbabwean pilot smart card project with ICL Ireland. Mr Vincent has held various committee positions with various bodies during his involvement in the IT Industry including the UNIX User Group and more recently COMSA (Computer Suppliers Association). Derek joined the EFT team in December 2001 and is the point of contact for all sales, marketing and commercial aspects as well as the general management of the growing business.

Absolom Gandanzara - EFT Systems Consultant - holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and Statistics from the University of Zimbabwe. Absolom has experience in switch implementation; Web based EFT systems, ATM and Card Production systems set-ups, and back-end Host interfacing. Mr. Gandanzara is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD), a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), and Certified Postilion Implementation Engineer. He is currently working toward SUN-Java Certification and Postilion Node development

Tendai Shambira - EFT Consultant - has had experience from both the user and the service end of the IT and EFT industries. He comes from an application development background first in the Insurance industry and then in the banking industry. He has held various senior positions including Head Business Solutions for Zimbabwe Building Society and was heavily involved in the banks implementation of their EFT platform. He then joined Uniswitch Cards (Pvt.) Ltd. As Operations and Systems Manager and was supporting their EFT switch and projects and was the technical driver and developer of their new salaries card project.